“Hope the project works out for you, it’s a good one.”

Ken Squire, Squire Productions Waterbury, VT
“Accessible Racing has taken a unique racing experience enjoyed by thousands of Americans and found a way to make it available to the more then 50 million citizens with disabilities.”
Manager of NRA Disabled Shooting Services, Dave Baskin

Regarding the simulated driving experience that Brian Hanaford offered to the children at Shriners Hospitals for Children: first and foremost I thought it was empowering for the children. It gave them an opportunity to exert power and control in a way that transcends their regular pattern of mobility. It was accessible to most. Finally, it was the type of experience that offers hope; not only to the kids but to their families. Every child thinks of the day when he or she might drive a car. This rite of passage symbolizes a level of independence and responsiblity that although many dream, some do not believe that they will be able to experience. An experience such as this helps them to see first-hand that technology and opportunity exist to allow them to overcome a challenge and potentially experience life to its fullest. 
Debra A. Latour, M Ed, OTR/L, Shirners Hospitals for Children, Springfield, MA
“For once in my life I am virtually without words. If watching auto racing on TV pales in comparison to when you’re there at the track, being at the track pales when you are actually sitting in and driving the race car.”
Dave Berman Berman Bit’s

“Accessible Racing has brought a remarkable dream to reality for our Vietnam Veteran who thought he woulkd not be able to get behind the wheel of a car and experience the thrill of racing. By adapting the car to accommodate disabilities. A life changing event was brought to this man and his confidence has soared because of the experience.”
“The VXP powered by iRacing.com will allow Veterans across the US to engage in virtual racing and compete against other Veterans who suffer from similar disabilities. This program will provide meaningful opportunities to work on hand and eye coordination and experience the thrill and competitive edge of racing. Our home will be working on fund raising efforts to obtain this program so that we can enjoy the real life experiences of racing in our Veteran Homes.” Lisa A. Williams, ADC, CALA, New Jersey Veteran’s Memorial Home in Vinland
“Great to find the limits on a top level race car and see what all the rave is about. It’s a test of skill and nerve. Incredible experience.”
Bode Miller, World Cup Champion

Kudos to you and your team for making such a positive difference in the lives of our Wounded Warriors – Keep up the great job! Theresa Earnheart
President of the National Spinal Injury Association Connecticut Chapter I am a 37 year old C5-6 incomplete Quad and have been injured for 18 years as the result of a drunken driving accident. After my accident I played Quad Rugby. I graduated college, Co-Owned a business and I current reside in Norwich Town, CT where I own my own house. I am the President of the National Spinal Injury Association Connecticut Chapter and have volunteered with the Chapter for the past 17 years. I work for The Home Depot and have been employed there for 8 years as a Sales Associate. I have spent many of nights dreaming about driving a race car and my dream was fulfilled in New Hampshire at White Mountain Motor Speedway. The experience was mind blowing and the sense of feeling alive was “priceless.” I didn’t hesitate to drive the race car on that day and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There is nothing you can substitute for that feeling, I don’t care how fast you fly down the highway or drive on city streets. For one day my concentration was on something that once strapped in with a fire suit and helmet didn’t involve a disability it only involved the fulfillment of a “dream.” Even though there was a passenger when I was racing around that track for 25 laps it was just me and that car, living in the moment, in my own world truly feeling “alive.” How many people, disabled or not, have ever taken a chance to feel that raw emotion? 
Jeff Dion
I was sure surprised when you called and asked me if I would drive a race car. Since the injuries I received in Viet Nam way back in 1968 have been catching up to me, I have had to give up doing many physical activities. Driving a race car was not a thing I thought I would ever get to do. I have seen stories about many activities offered to recently returning disabled veterans. This is something that was not done when I came home from Viet Nam. You are doing a wonderful thing for both veterans and other people with disabilities with Accessible Racing. I can’t thank you enough for letting me cross that experience off my bucket list. Dave Moorhead
Ray Paprota  is a wheelchair using paraplegic. He is the first and only paraplegic driver to compete in a NASAR Touring Series and receive a NASCAR touring series competitors license. This barrier breaking competitor uses state of the art hand controls to operate throttle, brakes, and steering wheel. Paralyzed in a motor vehicle accident at the age of 21: Paprota, who is unable to use his legs, began racing Legend Series race cars before moving up to the larger, faster, and more competetive ISCARS touring series. He credits NASCAR and ISCARS (formerly known as the NASCAR Goody’s Dash Series) with providing an opportunity to demonstrate his abilities in a race car rather themn focusing on his limitations in a wheelchair. Pioneer Racing is located in the legendary race shop of Bobby and Davey Allison in Hueytown, Alabama.
“Brian – I don’t know you very well personally, and as you say worry looks around and sorry looks back. What I do know about you is that you are persistant in a VERY good way and are always looking forward with an optimistic attitude. You have so much passion for what you believe in and have overcome so much (things I don’t and shouldn’t know about) It is this passion that shines through every e-mail and phone call. You never give up and that right there is why some day I will flip on NASCAR and there will be a guy with no legs racing next to able body drivers in one of your cars. You dream big and you will pull it off!
You have faith, Bob (Roadside Stories)
I have a long story to tell regarding Mr. Newman and myself. I have attempted to write a few times over the last three years, but end up deleting each letter.
I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident on March 19, 2006 in Marathon Key. I nearly lost my life and spent a month in a Miami hospital. Mr. Newman happened to be on the road traveling that day with a Dr. friend, I believe they had been fishing and were headed for dinner. I was hit head on and his friend came to my rescue and saved my life. During my hospital stay, Mr. Newman phoned me to check on me. He asked a number of questions and wished me well. He never once let on to who he was other than he was there that day. My Dr. told me the following day who the phone call had been from, and I was very much surprised and thankful that he took the time to inquire about me. I lost my left leg in that accident along with some other serious injuries. It took me awhile to get better, both mentally and physically. Shortly after my accident a year or so, I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer and fought that for the next year. In the meantime I heard of Mr. Newmans passing. I cried at the fact that he had died of cancer, cancer that I was fighting at that very moment. But I was also sorry that I had never had the opportunity to tell him how much his call had meant to me.
I have since become aware of an awesome group that needs help promoting its cause. They are called Accessible Racing and have a website. I know that this may not be passed a long to the right person to read, hope that it does. Please deliver this thank you and if you could at least look into Accessible Racing, which is for people with hand controls I would be forever grateful.
Ruthie Kutil Metzler, Dexter, NY
On behalf of myself and my coworkers at the Cerebral Palsy League, a very sincere thank you for all the efforts you and your staff performed in coordinating an absolutely outstanding and memorable program and event. I do not have adequate words to express how impressed all of us were with your work. The Accessible Racing event which we attended and participated in was inspiring. To see how dramatically is has affected and changed the lives of those you serve is clearly impressive and remarkable. The opportunities you have provided and given to people, to experience and achieve their dreams and goals, has enhanced their lives abundantly. I along with my coworkers and student and his family were deeply honored to have been part of this life changing experience. All of your hard work, planning and devotion has inspired us all. A sincerely thank you for your effortless devotion into enhancing the lives of others. With much gratitude and sincere thanks, Jacki Powers
I was an airplane mechanic working in Salisbury, MD for a commuter airline when I crashed my Kawasaki 750. Moved back to Wheeling, WV where I grew up and went back to school for computer programming and later landed a job with the Social Security Admin here in Baltimore, have been there for 20 years. When I first got hurt I did a lot of road racing and track competitions, then when I moved to Baltimore I jointed the N.W.B.A. and played for various Baltimore teams for around 10 years. Also jointed USSA and started ski racing in 1990, went to 3 nations and had a few podium finishes. Other sports I like to do include bike riding, kayaking and some trap shooting and hopefully some more time with Accessible Racing. I had been searching the internet for a race car driving experience, and there are plenty of them out there, but not for the disabled. None of them would even answer my e-mail asking about hand controls. So when somebody sent me an e-mail that had Accessible Racing’s website listed I signed up right away and it was everything I thought it would be – a blast! I think I could be really good at driving that car with more experience. Kit Nugent
“The team at Abilities Expo would like to thank Accessible Racing for your participation at our 2007 New York Metro Event. The adaptive race car was by far one of the greatest and one of the coolest special events we have ever had. The attendees were very impressed with it and the press loved it even more. With the help and ingenuity of Drive Master and Hanaford Assoc., I think the car just proves once again that the disabled are far more able to do anything they put their minds to. Thank for you allowing them the chance to live out their dreams. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with you on multiple opportunities for the future.

Veronica, Show Manager, Abilities Expo
I think that what you guys are doing is amazing, more than equipment, but also the inspiration that you are giving to so many people – in a fun way! It would have been great to have had something established like you guys when I was in, and getting out, of rehab. I’ve definitely met my fair share of folks who’ve been through heavy events in their lives, so it means alot to me, to be able to be involved and show people just how far a little belief in something can take you – even if it’s just simple living. Kristen Smith, NJ
“Opportunities like this one are a rare commodity, and I am VERY thankful that I was able to capitalize on this one. The day was amazing. The support, effort, and care of everyone involved was well beyond anything we could have hoped for. The instruction was clear, informative, and applicable. All in all, this was nearly the most fun I have had in my 6 years post-injury.”
Lt. (Ret.) Ian James Brown, Pilot, United States Air Force
“The most exciting experience in my 70 plus years on this Earth. I haven’t stopped grinning yet. It is one thing to see the action from the stands, but being down on the track, looking up at the enormity of the stands, accelerating down pit lane, and then going around the track at breath taking speed—it was a thrill I’ll always remember. I’ve told everyone who will listen to me (about CFI driving experience). It was the best, and I wish you great success bringing this thrill to everyone.”
Walter Flynn, Meredith, New Hampshire
“Since driving with Brian, Dave, and Stub, I have been traveling a lot—spent a week partying on the French Riviera in Cannes, a couple of weeks in London, and been all over Rome and Italy with one of the world’s top models—but the only thing I can think of is ‘How can I get back to New Hampshire to drive again?’ (I’m currently looking into direct flights from Rome to Canaan!)”
T.K. Knowles, Executive Producer/Partner, Bob Industries, Venice, CA
“Just wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic driving experience two weeks ago. Oh my God, I think I’m addicted. You’ve created a monster. How do you expect me to drive my station wagon around town now? And why are the turns on my street not banked! Thanks for helping me realize how weak and lame my car is. Time to find me some sponsors! Thanks again. I’ll be back.”
Don Shelford, Arnold Worldwide
“Brian is onto something here—an affordable and legal rush. The scream of the engine as you pull down hard on the wheel going into a turn at break neck speed-what an experience. Do yourself a favor and race with Hanaford—it’s all you will be talking about with friends and co-workers for weeks.”
Chris Breneman, Sales Rep
“I want to take a moment to thank Hanaford Associates for helping the Family Readiness Group for the US ARMY Manchester Recruiting Company organize a successful fundraiser. Many thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to assist with the drawing for a racing experience at the Concord Race Fever Street Fair July 20, 2001. Your fundraiser was truly a rewarding experience; it helped us raise funds for upcoming events within our group, which help sustain the morale of our soldiers and their families. It also was a great opportunity for family members within the company to work together and get to know each other better. It was an experience we hope to make an annual event. Thank you again for your support and patriotism. It was an event we hope to make an annual event, and we look forward to working with you in the future.”
Michael D. Brophy, Captain, U.S. Army

David Baskin

Home » Board of Directors » David Baskin
Based upon his experience with a wide range of disabling conditions, Dave developed a revolutionary rehabilitation program for hospitals in 1994. The program was designed to utilize a laser-guided precision air rifle as a tool for physical therapists to use in the rehabilitation of their post-injury patients. This innovative application of a rifle has proven instrumental in improving patient’s eye-hand coordination, trunk balance, breath control, organizational skills, and self-confidence. The first program was installed in September 1994 as recognition for the ground-breaking program came six years later, when one was placed in service at the National Rehabilitation Hospital of Ireland in Dublin. And in March 2004, the first program to serve paralyzed veterans was introduced at the Broston, Massachusetts, and Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
Beginning in 1996, Dave had conducted over 300 Disability Awareness Seminars for companies and organizations that wished to better accommodate members of the nation’s growing disabled population. The seminars cover such important topics as the early history of disabled sports and recreation activities, acceptable terminology, accessibility issues, medical considerations, adaptive equipment, and how to market your program or product to the disabled community. The seminars have proven very popular with a variety of organizations in the United States, and Baskin has even conducted them in Canada, Norway and Australia.
Until his recent retirement, Dave was manager of the four million member National Rifle Association’s Disabled Shooting services for the more than 650,000 disabled sportsmen in the nation. Baskin also served from 1996 to 2000, as shooting sports chairman of the International Paralympics Committee, which is the world governing body for all disabled sports.
Dave Baskin’s addition to the advisory board will add a wealth of knowledge and experience to Accessible Racing’s efforts to serve the nation’s large disabled population in a meaningful manner.