Accessible Racing features 3 products that benefit 4 markets for people with disabilities, MOST importantly may have discovered a solution to combat opioid addiction and alarming suicide rates.

Dave Baskin developed Disabled Shooting Services in one hospital and grew the popularity to global interest in an air rifle competition for people with disabilities.  Baskin was appointed International Paralympic Chairperson and inducted into USA Wheelchair Hall of Fame. Today Baskin is 80 years old and came out of retirement to mentor Accessible Racing and “Virtual World Adaptive Driving” league.

“Virtual World Adaptive Driving” league combines Baskin’s wisdom and relationships with healthcare professionals to develop a league that develops eye – hand coordination and muscle memory that will help disabled Vets reacquire a drivers license post injury, rehabilitate and reintegrate into society, BUT inadvertently provide a social network to eliminate isolation and depression that lead to addiction and suicide 100% of the time.

  1. VXP driving simulator designed with hand controls and powered by GOATi driver education software.
  2. VXP driving simulator powered by competition software for league competition and global access.
  3. Adaptive Motorsports & Wellness racecar / mobile billboard provide advertising and product positioning for any business, in any industry, with any advertising budget, HERES HOW!



Organizations seeking to reach and influence people with disabilities (PWD) to buy their products and services…Sure Grip for example

Service Providers require new and innovative approaches to help patients heal physically and emotionally…Hospitals are a great store front, Recreational Therapist are best sales person…

PWD benefit from one or all 3 products above, particularly disabled Vets, VA adaptive sports, or community based adaptive sports groups.

Associations, nonprofits, and other groups that provide funding sources for PWD specific aiding their financial capacity to participate in the three product areas.


SBAWVC will share pre parade Accessible Racing outreach with DEMO of “Virtual World Adaptive Driving” league at VA Boston, West Roxbury SCI campus. Then we will loin Chief Marshal Susan McDonough & SBAWVC St Patrick’s day / Evacuation day parade.